Professional-Level Services

Professional-level services are ideal for the following:

  • You are at your peak career performance level but seek higher compensation and/or increasing responsibilities.
  • You feel trapped in a lower or mid-level management role and seek to move upwards.

Professional-level résumés and follow-up correspondence will focus on the following:

  • Strength of work history and accomplishments, and showcasing your unique abilities to solve business issues and produce results.
  • Chronicle bottom-line results to position for increased authority, responsibility and compensation.
  • Portray your overall career development, education background, and core strong leadership skills with self-confidence and professionalism. .
Résumé $150*
Cover $30
Bio $75
Thank-You $30

Special pricing will be in place if you buy 2 or more services.

Please contact me at for specific examples including before and after.

* Prices shown for resumes are beginning price points. Final pricing will depend on complexity, length, and other factors. Please contact me at for exact pricing.